About us

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How we began?

At StrapXPro, we believe a watch is so much more than just a time-keeping device; everyone deserves to dress it exactly to fit their vision for every occasion.

Our team is passionate, lively, and filled with endless creativity. We constantly design, test and develop our products to service the sophisticated and demanding wants of watch lovers out there. We live and breathe our craft and find motivation each day to create the world’s best-designed yet down-to-earth rubber watch straps.

We have just made our first step on our own path - the invention of our first SX1A watch strap is just the beginning. In July 2020, StrapXpro partnered with a research and development lab to create a full line of high-performance rubber strap products for our beloved watch lovers.

What do we do?

We believe in doing things the right way; we believe there is a right reason for being responsible, being true, being genuine, and having integrity.

We are committed to building products that are economical and practical as respecting and caring for the environment is our key - and so, we are constantly striving to improve the impact of our products. One of StrapXPro’s wish is to stimulate positive change in our communities and to inspire each individual’s spirit one by one.

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StrapXPro is committed to delivering quality and promises to watch enthusiasts. It is this passion that drives us to bring simplicity and joy to the people that we love.

Our design philosophy

StrapXPro’s products aim to inspire uniqueness when it comes to wearing watches, we wish to encourage each individual to have their own expression.

Never settling for less, our designers continue to refine and produce different samples with various types of injection methods, even after dozens of prototypes were developed so as to come up with the best results. The immense attention to detail forms the elegant curves that easily capture the eyes and call for all watch enthusiasts’ touch.

Product color and silhouette are refined up to a dozen times before the design is ready to be finalized. StrapXPro wants to adopt radical new materials together with the world's best rubber injection technology innovators to create practical yet stylish designs using high-quality harmless materials.

By combining the finest materials and precision production methods, our rubber straps are lightweight, functional, and irritation-free. Respectfully appreciated in design and comfort, our inventions are made for every occasion and for everyone. Our products are designed to draw enthusiasm yet be timeless and down-to-earth; all pared down to the essentials and made with integrity while allowing us to enhance the quality of living.

Our beliefs

StrapXPro straps’ goal is to revolutionize the sensation of wearing rubber on every watch; our philosophy is to enrich the lives of people everywhere with practical yet essential watch-wearing needs. StrapXPro has a strong and concrete commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products; we respectfully try to achieve sustainable growth for our society.

Our research & development team is constantly researching global fashion trends and new materials and is continuously anticipating future fast-shifting expectations in lifestyles and needs.

Our mission is to develop a product range that is fully and systemically engineered using the latest technology while creating ultimate comfort for the watch wearer.

StrapXPro is focused on bringing together watch-wearing fashion and art; we aim to brighten our StrapXPro strap owners’ moods with respect, integrity, and enthusiasm. We utilize every effort in ensuring that customers have fun shopping with us. Last but not least, we embrace the opportunity to collaborate with inventive individuals and companies worldwide in building systematic frameworks for sustainable growth.

Affordable Indulgence With Exceptional Quality

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