The Perfect Curved Ends Rubber Strap for the Seiko Monster 4th Gen

For watch lovers, enthusiasts, collectors, divers, and people in between, Seiko is one of the most reliable and well-respected timepiece makers in the global arena. They have a long and outstanding history of making superior diver watches that can withstand the requirements of deep-sea underwater explorations.

Seiko Monster
(Picture by Seiko watch design)

Seiko is renowned across the globe for its top-of-the-line and genuinely marvelous timepiece creations that are not just exquisite, intricate, precise, but revolutionary. With extensive research and development over the decades, they continue to take watchmaking to the next level, and for Seiko, creating remarkable pieces is a non-stop feat.

The most-loved diving watch model of Seiko is the Monster series. This legendary timepiece left a huge impact on the watch forums and communities. 

Seiko Monster was originally introduced in 2000 as SKX779. Initially launched with two robust models - Seiko Orange Monster and Seiko Black Monster. This first series received lots of love from Seiko fans. While this pioneer creation was deemed to be the real Monster, Seiko later released many sub-series such as mini-Monster, night Monster, and so on.

Seiko Monster
(Photo by

The second generation of the Seiko Monster has the 4R36 caliber while the third generation has the 6R15 automatic movement. The fourth generation, SRPD25 New Monster, is the latest to date and it came back from the 6R15 to 4R36 movement but is still sophisticated in terms of its overall design.

Seiko Monster NMwatch
(Photo by NMwatch YouTube Channel)

Seiko Monster Design Philosophy

The impetus for this bold design is practicality. The creators’ goal was not to create an unusual design but a bold one that houses functionality, versatility, and durability for the divers.

The very first generation of Seiko Monster was a lot more user-friendly and simple. Although the first and second generations looked a bit quirky, they are incredibly functional for deep-sea diving and other needs.

The Monster’s case has a polarizing feature and its shrouded bezel design is also distinguished. The numerals and the hands and indexes are also oversized to make time reading a lot easier. The creators took the liberty to name this watch “Monster Hands” which means impressive hands. The fans named this series Monster which opens a portal for discussion regarding its definition.

Seiko Monster’s design is not only attractive but also evokes a sense of charm, familiarity, and affinity. 

The chunkiness of the watch is probably one of the most beloved elements by collectors and buyers. 

Seiko Monster
(Mr. Hitoshi ANDO Seiko-the Director of Design Development)

The Laster Iconic Monster: Review of Seiko SRPD25 New Monster

In the large range of Seiko dive watches, Seiko Monster was used to be considered something of a left-field choice. It was not as popular and recommended as the many vaunted Turtle models that Seiko has released. The design of the original Monster was bare, modular, and revolves around its materials.

However, the model later became impressively popular because of its distinctive features. Today’s Monster is an even more different kind of beast altogether. The big chunky dive watch has become one of the most collected pieces from the brand.

StrapXPro Lite Series MX1A Curved Ends Rubber Strap for Seiko Monster
(Seiko Monster SRPD25 with StrapXPro Lite Series MX1A)

Seiko SRPD25 or the New Monster is the grown-up version of all the generations. The shrouded bezel design, polarizing case, and elegant finish of the latest model are far more visually attractive.

SRPD25 has a deep blue dial with an iridescent metallic finish. As expected of Seiko, the rectangular hour markers are illuminated by Lumibrite. It also features a day-date display with a 3:00 Rolex-style cyclops magnifier that sits above the crystal. This new model is powered by 4R36 movement which is a bulletproof automatic caliber with hacking and hand-winding capabilities.

In terms of straps and wearability, this New Monster features curved end links that fit precisely to the case which are very much in favor among sports enthusiasts. 

The Tailor-Made StrapXPro MX1A Curved End Vulcanized Rubber Strap for Seiko New Monster

StrapXPro MX1A is the perfect rubber strap for Seiko New Monster. The high-quality vulcanized rubber is a result of years of research and development. It underwent rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure maximum performance.

It provides an ergonomic comfort fit ideal for office use, everyday use, outdoor adventures, and other recreational activities. 

StrapXPro Lite series curved rubber strap for Seiko Monster Gen4

(StrapXPro Lite Series MX1A for Seiko Monster 4th Gen)


RoHS and REACH-certified, the StrapXPro Lite Series is remarkably flexible, robust for any use, hypoallergenic, and perfect for all weather conditions.

The straps are adjustable from 13cm to 21cm and compliments both men and women. MX1A is made of 316L stainless steel and is available in Black, Cloudburst Blue, Army Green, and Orange.

StrapXPro rubber watch straps strongly resist sweat, dust, odor, and UV radiation. They are also resistant to wear and tear and other elements. This waterproof rubber is designed with functionality and style in mind.

StrapXPro Lite Series rubber watch strap is designed and aimed to emphasize comfort. The primary goal is to build a minimal design that is lightweight yet fits well to cater to varying needs. The rubber strap is only 2.8mm thick and weighs only about 14.7g, yet is still strong and durable.

StrapXPro Lite Series MX1A Curved Ends Rubber Strap for Seiko Monster
(StrapXPro Lite Series MX1A for Seiko Monster 4th Gen)
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