Finally the real Seiko 5KXGMT was born!

For years, we have been modifying or “MODing” our Seiko SKX and Seiko 5 Sports 5KX into Dive MODs, with some even beginning their journey in making DressKXs. And now, there might be a chance for us to do something wild and new - a working GMT-SKX? How should we name it?

In the MOD realm, the GMT Pepsi Bezels or the GMT Batman Bezels have been around for decades; we have seen numerous marvelous modifications transforming an ordinary Seiko SKX or 5 Sports 5KX into a non-workable GMT with the available MOD GMT bezels in the market.

Yet, we rarely come across a MOD SKX that has an actual working 24 hours GMT hand. Even though the Seiko caliber NH34A and NH35A share the same outer dimensions - meaning putting together a working GMT SKX is technically possible since the NH34A can replace the existing NH35A movements as a GMT upgrade to the watch - not many of us would like to go through all that trouble. And after all these years, Seiko has finally launched their 5KX GMT series in three models that carry with them the 4R34 caliber with GMT hand function - Black dial SSK001, Blue dial SSK003, and Orange dial SSK005.

(Image from: TMI)

Carefully positioned by Seiko, the SSK series successfully reached the GMT market in the affordable price segment. Perhaps it is a MOD acknowledgment from Seiko in transforming our SKX and 5KX into GMT lookalikes, hence creating the real thing that MOD fans have longed for.

The arrival of the Seiko SSK series shocked us all by how beautiful they looked. Spotting an identical case shape as the SKX or 5KX series where the 42mm diameter size is just perfect for almost any wrist size, the iconic 4 o’clock crown with the shiny lug is just unbeatable. Not to mention all three SSK colorways are upgraded with a see-through case back.

The SSK001 black dial dons a black and grey GMT bezel, whereas the SSK003 blue dial has a Batman blue and black GMT bezel - both look subtle yet stunningly beautiful. With a sharp red color GMT hand on both the SSK001 and SSK003, they are easily distinguished from afar as the new Seiko SSK GMT divers. The orange dial SSK005 is contrasted with both a black color bezel and a black GMT hand, accenting the bright sunburst orange which looks joyfully amazing. Unlike the traditional SKX011, the orange on this new SSK005 echoes a much brighter tone.

StrapXPro Premium series curved rubber strap for Seiko 5kx GMT

For those who wish to change up their classic stainless steel jubilee bracelet which might seem too ordinary like any other SKX MOD, come check out our high-quality StrapXPro Premier Series - a perfect match for the Seiko SSK GMT done fashionably. While the black and yellow two-tone SX1A rubber strap pairs bright on the Seiko SSK001, the solid blue SX1A rubber strap matches perfectly on the SSK003, and the summer orange SX1A rubber strap flawlessly complements the SSK005.

StrapXPro Premium series curved rubber strap for Seiko 5kx GMT
(StrapXpro SX1A for Seiko SSK001(K1), SSK003(K1) & SSK005(K1); Seiko New 5 Sports 5KXGMT) 

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