The best value MOD diver watch - Seiko SKX or Seiko 5 Sports (5KX)?

The best value MOD diver watch - Seiko SKX or Seiko 5 Sports (5KX)?
First introduced in 1996, the Seiko SKX series with its popular 7S26 self-winding mechanical diver SKX007 has become one of the most sought after diver watch series out there. What makes the SKX series so special?

A re-interpretation referencing its ancestor Seiko 7002 which was launched in 1988, the SKX007 is suitable for any occasion. From the fascinating iconic case design, clean and minimal yet professional-looking dials, to the shiny polished lugs that one can recognize from afar, the SKX007 is a timeless classic.
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Carrying the fame of its Seiko 6217-8000/8001 predecessors, the SKX series has upgraded itself to the ISO 6245 certified diving watch standard with a 200m water resistance and has become widely popular given its impressive quality to price ratio.

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The iconic stainless steel case with a crown located at the four o’clock position gives off a sporty aesthetic look. Together with the chunky 42 mm diameter and 13 mm thickness in size, the SKX series is well designed and appreciated for hard-core diving use. 

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Given the affordable price of the SKX series, it has become the best value diver watch for younger generations who are constantly looking for ways to add personality to their possessions. The hype of modifying the Seiko SKX can now be seen everywhere, and with a vast amount of watch parts readily available including bezels, dials, crowns, hands, and even various colored PVD cases that fit with the SKX, this modification hype has been taken to another level.

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With Seiko’s official announcement that the legend of the SKX would be discontinued in 2019, everyone expected there would be an upgraded SKX series. But instead, Seiko skillfully rebranded the Seiko 5 Sports series with their reliable 4R36 movement into a similar case of the SKX.

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The new Seiko 5 Sports (5KX) carry forward a lot from the SKX007 - same bezel size, same crown, same 22mm lug width - yet upgraded to a see-through case back. Since then, Seiko 5 Sports has launched tons of colorways to fill up the gap of the discontinued SKX series.

At a similar price point, the Seiko 5 Sports (5KX) or the Seiko SRPD seems to target the younger consumer groups of Seiko as well. Amongst the various models, the all-black SRPD79K1 bombed the streets with its black-out design and black nato strap.

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Although there is a trade-off that the Seiko 5 Sports (5KX) is not ISO 6245 certified and only has features 100m water resistance, it is more than sufficient for most young consumers. If you are looking for a value-driven starter watch, the Seiko SRPD is doing a much better job than its predecessor. Almost all parts of the Seiko SRPD share the same bloodline as the SKX and aftermarket parts are readily available if Seiko modification is your thing.

When consider modifying the SKX or 5 Sports, the first item that comes to mind would be the search for a unique rubber strap. At StrapXPro, our engineering team has spent a tremendous number of working hours on building the most fascinating curved end rubber band that fits the iconic SKX case perfectly.
(StrapXpro SX1A for Seiko New 5 Sports (5KX) SRPD79K1)
(StrapXpro SX1A for Seiko SKX007, SKX009 & SKX011) 

Considering the SKX heavy sturdy case with a 22mm lug, our StrapXPro Premium Series has carefully incorporated a 3D outline that corresponds to the case curves. The 3D outline of our StrapXPro Premium Series is exceptionally bold on the two-tone colour versions and there is nothing comparable in the market. In addition to the choice of rubber, StrapXPro products are made with vulcanized natural rubber, making it incredibly strong yet elastic and comfortable. 

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